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COVID-19: Solo Event Guidelines May 11, 2020


  1. Individuals will not compete if they fail to follow the Pre-Event and Registration guidelines noted below.
  2. Those failing to follow the included General Operations guidelines may be asked to leave the event.
    1. If they have made runs their times will not be scored and they will forfeit their entry fee.
    2. If they have not made runs, they will not be charged the entry fee.

The SIR will strive to follow state and municipal guidelines in relation to COVID-19. We have entrants coming from IL, IN, and KY, so we must consider the potential consequences for people leaving their state.

  1. All SIR autocross event registration must be done online and in-advance through .
  2. When outside of the car, all participants and workers are required to wear masks, not only their own safety, but for the safety of everyone on-site.
  3. The SIR will provide masks and nitrile gloves at events and adjust event activities to limit in-person contact for workers supporting events. However, the protection of event participants from COVID-19 is the individual participants’ responsibility.
  4. Staff or participants who may become ill at an event will be sent home. Potential entrants and workers should stay home if they are at higher risk for severe illness, or if they are sick or experiencing COVID-19 symptoms such as fever, cough, or shortness of breath.
  5. Only entrants or workers should attend autocross events.
  6. The SIR will develop plans for limiting the sharing of equipment or the sanitization of equipment during hand-offs. Setup and teardown routines will be changed to limit person-to-person contact and to limit shared handling of materials.(We are investigating the addition of a small trailer to store frequently loaded and unloaded, but unused equipment).
  7. Driver meetings will follow social distancing protocols using PA systems, Facetime, or other communication methods.


  1. All SIR (members and weekend members) autocross event registration must be done online and in-advance through . Registrars will not handle membership cards or driver’s licenses.
    1. Members should establish a MotorSportReg account and enter vehicle, personal, and charge information.
    2. SIR’s MotorSportReg page will include a text box to enter driver’s license expiration date.
    3. The registering participant’s SCCA membership will be validated through the SCCA.
    4. You can download a .pdf of these guidelines here:
  2. All members should acquire annual waiver hard cards to minimize waiver processing at events.
    1. The SCCA membership and annual waiver hard-card waiver process requires members to begin by establishing an online SCCA profile that includes their photo.
    2. The RE will collect a list of member issues with hard-card deliveries to be resolved with the SCCA.
    3. The SIR will solicit SCCA support for an online (paperless) event waiver process.
  3. Event waiver forms will be made accessible (until a “paperless” waiver process is established).
    1. Participants should sanitize hands before and after handling the pen.
    2. Pens will be provided. However, participants are encouraged to bring their own pens.
    3. Wristbands will be separated and made available at each event.

General Operations

  1. Participants should not share coolers, beverages, etc. outside of their family. Everyone will have to bring their own food.
  2. Use disinfecting wipes or disinfectant spray and disposable towels to wipe down equipment, supplies, shared work areas and surfaces between uses, shift changes and frequently throughout the day.
  3. Follow modified setup and teardown routines to minimize workers handling of equipment.
  4. Only assigned staff should be in the Timing & Scoring trailer. (If you were not given a T and S assignment, stay out!).
  5. Clean frequently touched surfaces such as tables, counters, pens, keyboards, and cones (when used).
  6. Cover the Timing & Scoring keyboard with saran wrap and change between users.
  7. Ensure there are plenty of hand sanitizers in and around the facility
  8. Staff and corner captains should keep a single radio with them and not hand off between run group changes.
    1. Members are asked to bring their own radios (if they have them).
    2. The SIR will purchase additional radios to support two run groups.
    3. SIR radios will be assigned to corner captains for the day at the beginning of the event.
    4. SIR radios will be wiped down at the end of the event.
  9. Spectators are discouraged. SCCA Solo or autocross events are not spectator events.
  10. Friends, family, and observers in the paddock should be kept to a minimum. Observers stationed beyond the fence
    maintaining “social distancing” is preferred.
  11.  Everyone is expected to follow the SIR COVID-19 guidelines.
  12.  Drivers should park leaving an open car spot between cars as far as paddock space allows. Trailers should be parked outside
    to maximize paddock space.
  13.  Six feet of space should be kept between individuals for the entirety of the event, except in cases of participants that are
    part of the same household.
  14. Two drivers may share a vehicle, but they are responsible for disinfecting the vehicle between driver changes.
  15. The SIR has five loaner helmets including medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The helmets will not be shared and are
    assigned to individuals for the day or weekend.

    1. Participants should know their helmet size. (The first one touched will be the one worn).
    2. Helmets will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.
  16. Course setup workers should wear nitrile gloves* to avoid cross-contamination of touching cones, timing equipment, and
    worker station items. (Nitrile is preferred to latex due to possible allergic complications.)

Pre-Event Communications

Communicate that those failing to follow pre-event online registration and preparation will not compete. The SIR will provide preevent
messaging and SIR COVID-19 guidelines on its website. Event participants are expected to review the guidelines and to
understand the consequences of noncompliance (not competing).

  1. Driver’s license expiration date required for registration.
  2. Vehicle number / class information must be entered during online registration.
    1. Review online the 2020 SCCA Solo rule book class categories (Sections 13 – 18 and Appendix B) and vehicle classes
      within categories (Appendix A).
    2. Vehicle classing questions may be sent to .
    3. Entrants should use their 2019 SIR number / class combinations. Number / class change or addition requests
      should be sent to will not allow duplicate numbers in a class.
  3. Vehicle number / class identification should meet the 2020 SCCA Solo rule book identification requirements called out in
    Section 3.7.

    1. Number / class identification color must contrast with vehicle color.
    2. Identification numbers and class must meet height and width requirements (Sec. 3.7).
    3. Identification numbers and class may be produced on a computer printer and taped on the vehicle.
    4. Printed identification or tape may be used if the identification is legible and meets the above requirements. (SIR
      recommends identification assignment and magnetic or cling-type identification).
  4. Participants are expected to present a completed and signed SIR Tech Inspection form at the event.
    1. PDF copies of the SIR Tech Insp document can be found on our website at
    2. Tech Inspection instructions can also be found on our website.
  5. Charges and refunds:
    1.  Entrants are not charged until the event is concluded.
    2.  Pre-event cancellations will result in a cancellation of the charge. (If someone feels ill, they can cancel and stay
      home without being charged).
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