Every season at the annual Awards Banquet, there are five trophies handed out that denote excellence demonstrated by our members. They recognize the efforts put forth by our most active veteran and rookie members, our most competitive members, and our most selfless member(s). Winning, or even holding one of these trophies commands respect for the history of our club and for the special members that have come before us. For more details on how the winners of our Club’s trophies are decided, please read our Competition Regulations located here.

John W. Berry Memorial Trophy

Originally known as the Activities Award, this award was adopted as an award for excellence in activity participation in memory of John W. Berry, who was a member of the Southern Indiana Region – SCCA until his death in the May of 1956. It is presented annually at the Awards Banquet to the member earning the greatest number of participation points. This award is sponsored by Mrs. John Berry, Jr. For the listing of past champions Click Here

Traveling Gymkhana Award

The Traveling Gymkhana Trophy is awarded to the person(s) receiving the most autocross competition points based on the person(s) best six points events in the season. There must be at least seven point events in the calendar year for the Autocross Trophy to be awarded. For the listing of past champions Click Here

Traveling Rallye Award

The Traveling Rallye Award is given to the person(s) receiving the most rally competition points. There must be at least five point events in the season for this award to be handed out. The winner will be determined based upon each participant’s best finishes, less one event, if he or she participated in all events. This trophy was donated by Tri-State Imports. For the listing of past champions Click Here

Traveling Rookie Trophy

The Traveling Rookie Trophy is awarded to a new member(s) obtaining the highest point average during his or her first year of competition. This average is calculated by dividing the total number of Participation and Event Points(Berry Points) accumulated by the rookie by the number of possible points in which the new member was eligible to participate. To be eligible, a new member must have been able to compete in at least four point competition events. New members not meeting this requirement will be considered “rookies” for the following season. This trophy was donated by Ron Brown in 1975. For the listing of past champions Click Here

Ken Andrew Memorial “Indian” Award

As the old saying goes, “Too many chiefs, not enough indians.” This award is presented to the person(s) whom the Board of Directors feels has went out of their way to help the club during the season. This person, or persons, shall not be a member of the Board of Directors. The Board may also decide to not present this award in any given year. For the listing of past recipients Click Here

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