Spooky Rally Results!

The results from Stephen Yockey’s first ever rally, “Spooky Rally” on October 23rd have been released at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season/

Bob Sonntag’s post rally review shows what those of you who didn’t attend missed out on:

SUPER JOB!! on the rally.  The additional games didn’t detract from the rally.  The route was on enjoyable roads.  A WONDERFUL first time job.  Very clean.  Nicely done.  But for the checkpoint worker problem you’da nailed this baby.  I gotta say I’ve got mixed feelings about our having missed the first opp you saw for RI 14.  It sucks to miss an opp and get lost.  However, not seeing that first opp took us “straight through the traffic circle” for OUR second opp.  I was thinking “very cool” and then BOOM!!  The fact that that had us out near Second Avenue and also Second Street has me thinking that there’s some potential for future fun in that area with the traffic circle and similar road names.  🙂 Again, great job.  I’m looking forward to your next event.

The last rally of the year is coming up in less than two weeks on November 6th, hope to see you there!

9/11 “Remembrance” Rally Results Published…

The official results from this Sunday’s rally, “Remembrance” have been posted online. There were some leg times that needed to be recalculated by the RM, Ben Davis, but no positions were won or lost with these changes. They are available at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season/

Alas, there were no zeroes this rally, however Bob Sonntag and Terry Davis managed to find 2 checkpoints with single digit scores, and we had multiple teams find various checkpoints with below 1 minute of error. And, for the first time in Ben Davis rally history…NO ONE GOT LOST, BOWED OUT, OR FOUND A MISSING INSTRUCTION!!! Haha!

Thanks for everyone that came out to have some fun driving backroads yesterday!

“A Nod to the Nationals” Results Now Available…

The results from last weekend’s Autocross by our R.E. Dave Lehrschall have been posted at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season-autocross-results/ 

Thank you all for the great turnout!

Our next autocross will be July 10th, again at the MAAC(Lawrenceville) and the Event Marshal is Terry Davis.

“Sweet and Spicy” Rally Results are in!

Our largest amount of entrants (12!) had a wonderful afternoon at the “Sweet and Spicy” Rally on June 5th, 2016. Results are now posted at http://sirscca.org/event-results/current-season/ for your perusal. There will be 5 trophy winners from this rally alone for the July 12th Membership Meeting at Smitty’s on Franklin Street in Evansville!