Autocross Points for 2018

Member NameMStatusAutocross Points
Paul Dornburg1000
Don Kelley997
Richard Grav992
Jeff Metz980
Barry Beaman979
Jeff Jackson976
Jr. Crowe975
David Lehrschall974
John McCarthy962
Matthew ParssinenBADLANDS946
Terry Davis945
James Cannon932
Scott Campbell932
Jon Schwartze928
Dawn Sturgeon921
Danny Woodard920
MacKenzi Payne-Crowe912
Steve Backer902
Mike Mounlio865
Ernie Roales863
Jeremy Crowe859
Brent Sturgeon856
Stacey Metz850
Ben GracaCHICAGO845
Mark Petry836
Ron Jochum825
Jacob Campbell806
John Rose804
Bob Sonntag797
Brad Schroeder797
Breeze Grav750
Scott Grav750
Autocross points through June 1st.
Total points are calculated by adding the competitor's 6 highest scores. 'Dropped' reflects points registered, but not used for the total. There must be at least 7 Points Events in the season for the Autocross Trophy to be awarded.
The MStat column has been added to track SCCA members from other regions that regularly compete with us, as well as to serve as a reminder for those of us with presently expired memberships.
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