Autocross Points through May 2019

Member NameStatusAutocross Points
Paul DornburgSIR1000
Jon SchwartzeSIR990
Jr. CroweSIR990
John McCarthySIR965
Amanda McCarthyRENEWED961
Barry BeamanSIR955
David LehrschallSIR949
Ernie RoalesSIR946
Don KelleySIR945
MacKenzi Payne-CroweSIR937
Richard GravSIR937
Terry DavisSIR928
Scott CampbellSIR915
James CannonSIR905
Mike MounlioSIR903
Bob SonntagSIR893
Steve BackerSIR885
Anthony GarrettROOKIE883
Danny WoodardSIR880
Jacob CampbellSIR867
Patrick WhiteROOKIE843
Timothy GarrettROOKIE842
Jeremy DukeSIR839
John WhitakerSIR764
Duane DukeSIR750
Yancy SmithSIR750
The First Autocross for 2019 is complete.
Total points are calculated by adding the competitor's 6 highest scores. There must be at least 7 Points Events in the season for the Autocross Trophy to be awarded.
The Status column tracks our rookies, as well as SCCA members from other regions that regularly compete with us.
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