Autocross Points as of July 27, 2017

Member NameAutocross Points
Barry Beaman3932
Woody Gallagher (IL)3920
Don Kelley3892
Richard Grav3825
Jeff Metz3765
Mike Blankenberger3692
Dawn Sturgeon3685
Paul Dornburg3647
Jeremy Duke3536
Ernie Roales3522
Duane Duke3209
Stacey Metz3072
Shawn Lansdale2896
Jr. Jonathan Crowe2867
Jeff Jackson2856
MacKenzi Payne-Crowe2759
Terry Davis2722
Gary Griffith (KY)2693
Stacey Grav2464
Jeff Peachey Jr.2357
Mike Mounlio2258
Brad Schroeder2250
Breeze Grav2250
Robert Graber (IL)1979
David Lehrschall1866
Chris Kinnaman (C)1738
John McCarthy1736
Yancy Smith1727
Michael Buente1722
Steve Backer1721
Ron Jochum1665
Robert Rehklau (IL)1617
Bob Rothermel1579
Jacob Dorris1573
James Hayes (KY)1500
Aaron Miller1000
Sonny Colston937
Corey Haury930
Ken Lumpkin922
Frank Miller905
Josh Johnson904
Chad Griffith (IL)899
Terry Keating885
Julia Young876
Jeff Wittman870
Jose Renda (IL)870
Ian Boyan (KY)863
Gene Young860
Jay Wolf860
James Shade858
Jason May839
Brenton Sturgeon838
Jacob Wilkerson (KY)817
Mark Petry815
Clifton Dodd (TN)777
Reginald Sandy773
Russ Luckett773
Bob Sonntag750
Drew Gerth750
Eric Shade750
Evan Shade750
George Behring (MO)750
Julia Yockey750
Kristin Parker750
Larry Pearsol750
Steven Yockey750
Tony Hawkins750
William Erlinger750
Four Finished.
Total points are calculated by adding the competitor's 6 highest scores. 'Dropped' reflects points registered, but not used for the total. There must be at least 7 Points Events in the season for the Autocross Trophy to be awarded.
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