Autocross Points for 2018

Member NameMStatusAutocross Points
Paul Dornburg4000
Don Kelley3868
Richard Grav3867
Jeff Jackson3865
Barry Beaman3842
David Lehrschall3801
John McCarthy3784
Jr. Crowe3778
Terry Davis3734
Jeff Metz3683
Danny WoodardROOKIE3678
Dawn Sturgeon3660
Scott CampbellROOKIE3644
MacKenzi Payne-Crowe3612
Steve Backer3576
Bob Sonntag3574
Ernie Roales3549
Mark Petry3393
Mike Mounlio3359
Jacob CampbellROOKIE3183
Jeremy Crowe2744
Stacey Grav2720
Stacey Metz2542
Alekza RothROOKIE2436
Scott Grav2271
Larry Pearsall2250
Jon Schwartze1831
Brent Sturgeon1711
Gene Young1701
Robert RehklauIL1689
Julia Young1661
Misty StradtnerROOKIE1655
Brad Schroeder1603
Jim StradtnerROOKIE1556
John RoseROOKIE1554
Breeze Grav1500
Darwin Graham1500
Matthew ParssinenBADLANDS946
James Cannon932
Scott Milam916
Jamsheed Reshad862
Ben GracaCHICAGO845
Jeremy Duke827
Ron Jochum825
James Shade823
Mike Blankenberger812
Bob Rothermel783
Ann McNallyROOKIE750
Duane Duke750
Eric Shade750
Leonard Goff750
Reginald Sandy750
Samuel Reshad750
William Erlinger750
Autocross points through August 13.
Total points are calculated by adding the competitor's 6 highest scores. 'Dropped' reflects points registered, but not used for the total. There must be at least 7 Points Events in the season for the Autocross Trophy to be awarded.
The MStat column has been added to track SCCA members from other regions that regularly compete with us, as well as to serve as a reminder for those of us with presently expired memberships.
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