Autocross Points for 2018

Member NameMStatusDropped AxAutocross Points
Paul Dornburg9886000
Richard Grav9505828
Don Kelley9275806
Barry Beaman9225803
Jeff Jackson9365763
David Lehrschall9145754
John McCarthy05690
Jr. Crowe9215680
Terry Davis05555
Danny WoodardROOKIE8895521
MacKenzi Payne-Crowe05493
Jeff Metz05492
Scott CampbellROOKIE05486
Bob Sonntag7975445
Dawn Sturgeon05434
Steve Backer05379
Ernie Roales8245321
Mark Petry8235182
Mike Mounlio8205073
Jacob CampbellROOKIE04751
Jon Schwartze04610
Alekza RothROOKIE04174
Stacey Metz04121
John RoseROOKIE03969
Jeremy Crowe03664
James Cannon03628
Stacey Grav03470
Larry Pearsall03038
Robert RehklauIL02538
Gene Young02451
Misty StradtnerROOKIE02422
Julia Young02411
Brad Schroeder02377
Jim StradtnerROOKIE02349
Scott Grav02271
Paul GibsonCOLUMBUS01998
Jae ChoiCOLUMBUS01795
Don Croxton2019 ROOKIE01757
Drew Gerth01713
Brent Sturgeon01711
Dominic McClungINDY01709
Bob Rothermel01612
James Shade01589
Breeze Grav01500
Darwin Graham01500
Eric Shade01500
Joshua Pertzsch*0972
Tom McBride0967
Chris Shieldsmith*0951
Matthew ParssinenBADLANDS0946
Scott Milam0916
James Nichols0880
Kurt Krodel0871
Jamsheed Reshad0862
Ben GracaCHICAGO0845
Kelly Esser2019 Rookie0839
Jeremy Duke0827
Ron Jochum0825
Mike Blankenberger0812
Russ Luckett0799
Alex TrubeyINDY0750
Ann McNallyROOKIE0750
Duane Duke0750
Leonard Goff0750
Reginald Sandy0750
Samuel Reshad0750
William Erlinger0750
All Autocross points events in. One Roberts event to go.
Total points are calculated by adding the competitor's 6 highest scores. There must be at least 7 Points Events in the season for the Autocross Trophy to be awarded.
The MStat column has been added to track SCCA members from other regions that regularly compete with us, as well as to serve as a reminder for those of us with presently expired memberships.
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