March Rally Points for 2018

Member NameRally Points
Paul Dornburg5
James Cannon5
Bob Sonntag5
Terry Davis5
Carolyn Dornburg5
Richard Grav4
Ernie Roales4
Dawn Sturgeon2
Lora Blaylock2
Paul Blaylock2
Don Kelley2
Jay Wolf2
Sue Wolf2
Stacey Metz2
Jeff Metz2
One Rally Down
The Rally Trophy will be based upon each participant's best finishes less one event if he or she participated in all events; There must be at least five (5) point events in the calendar year for the Rally Trophy to be awarded.
The MStat column has been added to track SCCA members from other regions that regularly compete with us, as well as to serve as a reminder for those of us with presently expired memberships.
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