Rookie Points for 2019

Member NameStatusRookie PointsPercent Captured
Timothy GarrettROOKIE210.42
Gregory PounceyROOKIE60.12
Kenneth LattaROOKIE60.12
Patrick WhiteROOKIE60.12
Anthony GarrettROOKIE50.1
Kelly EsserROOKIE50.1
Don BeamanROOKIE40.08
Marc BoernerROOKIE40.08
Adam KiefferROOKIE20.04
David LinkROOKIE20.04
Evan RusselROOKIE20.04
Nicole ButtrumROOKIE20.04
Richard LitovROOKIE20.04
Stuart NathanROOKIE20.04
Victoria NathanROOKIE20.04
Courtney FehribachROOKIE00
Dawn BoernerROOKIE00
Dean FehribachROOKIE00
Don CroxtonROOKIE00
Gabe FehribachROOKIE00
Mike MaikranzROOKIE00
Noah FehribachROOKIE00
Patrick WilliamsROOKIE00
Yvonne SippelROOKIE00
Here are the 2019 Rookie Results!
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