Rookie Points for 2018

Member NameMStatusRookie PointsStart Date
Scott CampbellROOKIE0.31202/09/ 2018
Alekza RothROOKIE0.23206/09/ 2018
Danny WoodardROOKIE0.22803/21/ 2018
Jacob CampbellROOKIE0.20802/09/ 2018
Jim StradtnerROOKIE0.14306/08/ 2018
Misty StradtnerROOKIE0.10706/08/ 2018
John RoseROOKIE0.09105/06/ 2018
Allison StradtnerROOKIE0.03606/08/ 2018
Ann McNallyROOKIE0.03606/09/ 2018
Beatrice WoolseyROOKIE0.03606/08/ 2018
Chris HancockROOKIE0.02605/06/ 2018
Diane HancockROOKIE0.02605/06/ 2018
Debbie GoffROOKIE0.02304/08/ 2018
Ann PendleyROOKIE0.00801/01/ 2018
Don Croxton2019 ROOKIE09/14/ 2018
Rookie Points Through September
Points accumulated divided by all points possible since the join date.
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