Rookie Points through September 2019

Member NameRookie PointsPercent CapturedStart Date
Timothy Garrett1632May 2019
Gregory Pouncey612July 2019
Patrick White612May 2019
Anthony Garrett510May 2019
Kelly Esser510August 2018
Kenneth Latta48August 2019
Marc Boerner48January 2019
Adam Kieffer24July 2019
David Link24August 2019
Don Beaman24September 2019
Evan Russel24May 2019
Nicole Buttrum24August 2019
Richard Litov24August 2019
Stuart Nathan24August 2019
Victoria Nathan24August 2019
Courtney Fehribach00May 2019
Dawn Boerner00January 2019
Dean Fehribach00May 2019
Don Croxton00September 2018
Gabe Fehribach00May 2019
Mike Maikranz00March 2019
Noah Fehribach00May 2019
Patrick Williams00February 2019
Yvonne Sippel00August 2019
Almost There!
September is the forth month for this seasons rookie points accumulation.
Here are the current standings.
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