2021Ernie Roales
2020Bob Sonntag
2019Bob Sonntag
2018Paul Dornburg
2017Paul Dornburg
2016Bob Sonntag & Steve Yockey
2015Jim Cannon
2014Bob Sonntag
2013Bob Sonntag
2012Bob Sonntag
2011Bob Sonntag
2010Bob Sonntag
2009Bob Sonntag
2008Bob Sonntag
2007Bob Sonntag
2006Bob Sonntag
2005Bob Sonntag
2004Bob Sonntag
2003Gene Young
2002Bob Sonntag
2001Gene Young
2000Gene Young & Tom Bootz
1999Terry Davis
1998Bob Sonntag
1997James Cannon
1996Tom Bootz
1995Ken Mooney
1994Tom Bootz
1993Tom Bootz
1992Tom Bootz
1991Tom Bootz
1990Tom Bootz
1989Tom Bootz
1988Tom Bootz
1987Ken Mooney
1986Tom Bootz
1985Tom Bootz
1984Tom Bootz, Terry Davis, & Jim Sutton
1983Tom Bootz
1982Tom Bootz
1981Tom Bootz
1980Tom Bootz
1979Bobbie Brown
1978Jim Sutton
1977Ron Brown
1976Tom Bootz
1975Jim Sutton
1974Jim Sutton
1973Jim Sutton
1972Jim Sutton
1971Jim Sutton
1970Jim Sutton
1969Jim Sutton
1968James Barrow
1967James Barrow
1966James Barrow
1965Bill Barrow
1964Bill Barrow
1963Bill Barrow
1962Bill Barrow
1961Tom Benjamin
1960Bob Schlensker
1959James Barrow
1958James Barrow
1957M. E. Schroeder
A listing of past and present winners of the John W. Berry Memorial Trophy, the Activities Award known as the "Berry Trophy"
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